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1 week ago

Why Breathability Makes a Jacket Comfortable

Learn how breathability is critical for staying dry and comfortable in a jacket by allowing body heat and humidity to escape during activity.

Tromping up a mountain to learn about backcountry ski mountaineering racing, host Dr. North gets a real workout. Having just flown in from Hong Kong, Dr. North has no winter gear, so borrows Strafe’s Highlands Neoshell jackets. The waterproof jacket proves to keep the good doctor warm in 30 degree weather, and as he starts to work up a sweat, he discovers just how important breathability is in a jacket. If you want to know more about this, CLick here

2 months ago

Craft Smart Liquid Gloss - Resin Art Canvas | How To Make Epoxy Resin Art Canvas

CraftSmart adhesives are made locally in Australia! Not only will this give you the benefits of using safe & trusted glues but also you are supporting local jobs & our Australian business!

Our range includes glues for almost any project, and are available at your local craft shop including Spotlight stores or online at here

2 months ago

Craft Smart Liquid Gloss Serving Tray & Artwork | How To Make Awesome Liquid Gloss Serving Tray

In this video, you watch how to make awesome liquid gloss service tray. This beautiful rectangular serving tray is hand-lacquered with a high liquid gloss finish.

At your home, this wonderful artwork will be a great addition to your table as you can serve your guest or family members. You can carry this tray as easily with any hot or cold drinks as well as food and snacks. The Craftsmart Liquid Gloss provides a professional high-gloss finish to your artwork. 
If you are live in Australia and want to buy CraftSmart liquid gloss product for home decoration don't waste your time just visit our website

2 months ago

Glass Coat Cafe Table | Glass Coat Table Top | How To Make Glass Coat Cafe Table

In this video, watch you how to glass coat can design your cafe table. Looking for creative way to decorate your cafe table, So that this video for you.

We love to design your furniture adorable and suitable for your home. Our Glass Coat table top is a sneak peak of what the finished product looked like using Glass Coat High Gloss Finish. Glass Coat is an Australian made epoxy resin and available to purchase Visit here

2 months ago

Bullish Trading Webinar 6th August 2016 11:00GMT Extra | Binary Options Trading Tips 2016

An extra Bullish webinar with a summary of the weeks results, plus trading tips and market opportunities with Ben Newman. If you want to know more about this, Click here

2 months ago

Bullish Trading Webinar 19th August 2016 13:00GMT | Binary Options Trading

Are you new to the binary options market? Would you like our assistance? With our descriptive and enriching binary options webinars you will succeed! Join us today! Register our upcoming live webinar to improve your binary options trading knowledge and skill. Ben Newman - head trainer at Billish University who will be running the live webinars that you can join and ask him any questions you may have. Watch trade live twice every day on a webinar. Learn from a professional, copy his trades and ask questions. There is no better way to learn how to trade binary options than watching a professional! For more know, Click here

3 months ago


Nel complesso la cuffia è composta da due muscoli extrarotatori (sottospinato e piccolo rotondo), un muscolo intrarotatore (sottoscapolare), e un muscolo abduttore (sovraspinato).

È un errore considerare il deltoide parte della cuffia dei rotatori, dato che quest'ultimo non ha funzione rotatoria.

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3 months ago


A seconda della definizione, dal 2% al 40% delle persone hanno la sciatica a un certo punto della loro vita. Si presenta più frequentemente tra i 40 e i 50 anni e nel sesso maschile. La condizione è nota fin dai tempi antichi. Il primo uso conosciuto delle parola "sciatica" risale al 1451.
Generalmente, il dolore viaggia dalla parte posteriore della coscia fino al retro dello stinco e può estendersi anche verso l'alto, fino all'anca oppure giù fino al piede. Oltre al dolore, ci può essere sensazione di torpore e la difficoltà nel muovere o controllare la gamba. Di solito, la sintomatologia dolorosa è percepita da un solo lato del corpo.


A seconda di come si definisce, dal 2% al 40% delle persone accusano la sciatica a un certo punto della loro vita. È più frequnte negli uomini rispetto alle donne e tra i 40 e i 50 anni di età.

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4 months ago

Sex After Childbirth: Booty after Baby

Sex changes after a baby! Sex for both men and women changes due to time constraints, body changes and sex desire often decreases! But, Sex can be great after a baby and today's show helps you learn how to make sex great again -after a baby! 

“For every woman who hates her stretchmarks, there’s a woman who wants them.” I read this quote somewhere recently and it really resonated because so many women have trouble loving their body after having a baby. And when a woman doesn’t love her body, it’s hard for her to experience her ultimate sexual potential. If you want to know more about this, Click here

4 months ago

Talking About Sex with a Doctor

In today’s episode: Talking About Sex with a Doctor, Holly Peno and I talk to a doctor about sex and when it’s necessary to talk to your doctor about sexual health and sex problems. We answer more audience questions and discuss how to talk to your doctor about sex with a special guest doctor.

Dr. Olveen Carrasquillo, M.D., M.P.H., joins Holly and me for a fun discussion about medical issues that affect semen, sex drive, and the performance of porn stars. Press play now to find out when you should see a medical doctor for a sex problem and how to find the right physician for you. And at the end of the episode, Holly rewards you with some interesting info about used panties in Japan. If you want to know more about this, Clikc here